GatherUp changelog
GatherUp changelog

Low SMS Credit Notification


New Feature


A NEW email notification alerts account owners and admins when an account only has 20% of its monthly allocated SMS credits remaining. Another notification will be sent when the account runs out of SMS credits for the month.


Visit the user guide here for more information.

Star Rating Now Available


New Feature


GatherUp now allows you to collect direct feedback from customers using a 5-star rating. The star rating provides a familiar rating scale for customers.

GUP Review Stars.png

Net Promoter Score or Stars can be selected and the threshold changed in Settings > Feedback settings under Rating Settings.

Click here to view the user guide.

SmartReply, AI-generated review responses


New Feature


Use the power of AI to create thoughtful, personalized review responses with SmartReply. Save time crafting unique responses every time.

GUP SmartReply 2023-02-16.png

Respond to reviews and select SmartReply. SmartReply will create a response for you. Simply review, and when necessary edit, the response before submitting.

Here is the User Guide for more details.

Click here to read more on our blog.

This feature is currently in beta. We welcome your feedback on the feature and the responses generated.

SMS Request Reminders Now Available


New Feature


Business texting continues to grow in popularity. To provide flexibility in how you send request reminders we have added the ability to send customers a request reminder using SMS.

To send your review request reminders via SMS, simply go to Settings > Feedback Settings. Under Sender Settings choose Send Reminders as SMS. By default based on our prior setting your account will default to send reminders as emails.


You now have more control over the method in which the initial request AND reminders are sent. Learn more about the importance of Business Texting by viewing our webinar with Leaderno's Aaron Weiche.

View the how-to on our SMS Request Reminders User Guide.

Set Up a Reputation Scorecard Website Widget


New Feature


The Reputation Scorecard is a valuable tool to compare a business' online reputation to its nearest competitors. Now agencies can use the Reputation Scorecard Website Widget to generate leads from their agency's website.

GUP Rep Scorecard Lead List.png

Add a simple embed code to your site, and begin adding prospects to your pipeline through this online form. Your leads will be managed from within the application. You can even export the list to a CSV file for internal sales purposes.

Learn more at the User Guide here.

NEW: A location not sending review requests? Get notified.


New Feature


We have created a No Requests Sent reminder so you and your team are alerted when review requests stop being sent out.

Reduce agency churn and manage multiple locations or clients easier with this new feature. The No Requests Sent reminder helps alert you to any possible issues before it affects the business' bottom line and online reputation.

GUP Notification Settings.png

Add Notifications for No Requests Sent to any location or client. Get notified if requests stop sending after a week or month. Some common reasons requests may stop being sent:

  • The location stopped uploading customers
  • A Zapier connection failed
  • Something is wrong with an integration or API

To set up your No Requests Sent reminder visit our User Guide.

Product Changes are Live for U.S.-based businesses or locations






We have released our review widget and request mode updates related to the FTC's latest guidelines on review management. You will find these changes in all U.S.-based locations starting September 13, 2022.

For more information visit our Review Widget User Guide. We also created a user guide for tips on creating an online review policy.

GUP updated Review Widget settings.png

Auto-publishing reviews now comes with a time delay threshold. Within Customer Activity you'll find a new column letting you know where a given review is in the delay process, such as Published, Not Published or Scheduled. During this transition affected accounts were set to a 2-day delay threshold to give you time to moderate the reviews. You can change this to any setting you desire.

Screen Shot 2022-09-13 at 8.29.19 AM.png

You can manually remove any review from displaying in the review widget by selecting Manage on the Customer Activity screen, and toggling the "Show in Widget" to OFF. This should only be done if a given review violates your online review policy.

Screen Shot 2022-09-13 at 8.33.45 AM.png

For any assistance or questions email

Password Requirement Update




We deployed an update today (9/8/2022) that changed the password requirements for new accounts or existing ones that reset their password.

Passwords now require 12 characters with at least one upper case letter and one number. We previously required only 8 characters with one upper case letter and one number.

Updated section titles in Reputation Scorecard




We have updated titles and text within the Reputation Scorecard. These changes better reflect the information you find in the various sections.

The titles in the competitive section now say "Relative Ratings" or "Relative Review Volume" because this is the business' review volume relative to competitors. We also denote these metrics are measuring Google reviews against the competition.

Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 9.54.31 AM.png

We believe this provides more clarity for your agency team using the Reputation Scorecard.

For information on creating a Reputation Scorecard visit the User Guide.

Easily Add Email and/or SMS Credits


New Feature




Add Email & SMS credits easily

We have added new functionality within our Add-ons & Integrations menu so that you can add email and/or SMS credits as you need them…without requesting the credits from our CS team.

GUP Add-ons Menu.png

The new layout and design of this page makes it easy to add or remove credits giving you power to know you'll always have enough feedback requests to send out.

To access this screen click on your name in the upper right corner and select Add-ons & Integrations from the drop-down menu.

Add-ons-integrations settings.png

Check out the user guide here.