GatherUp changelog
GatherUp changelog

Default Text Size can be Set for Individual Social Sharing Themes




We have created the ability to set a default text size for each individual theme you create within Social Sharing. When creating your Custom Theme you can set your default text size for this individual theme and not have to update the text size every time you share via Social Sharing.

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 11.28.20 AM.png

Added Direct Posting to Instagram






We have now added the ability to post reviews to Instagram directly using the Social Sharing feature. You no longer have to download an Instagram image and post it manually.


You will have to authorize your Instagram account through Facebook. Instructions for authorization can be found here.

Positive Feedback Threshold Can Now be Set to 0




Users can now set the Positive Feedback Threshold to 0. Previously the lowest you could set this threshold was 1.

The Positive Feedback Threshold is the threshold at which a customer is shown the Positive Landing Page within the app. This setting can be found in Settings > Feedback Settings.

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365-Day Review Request Reminder




We've added an option to send the 'Second Reminder Email - Feedback Request' & '2nd Positive Email – Review Request' on a 365-day delay. Previously the longest delay we offered was 90 days.

This helps businesses with customers that need longer timeframes to fully appreciate or experience the product or service. You will now be able to send out a Review Request reminder one year after purchase or service.

For info on editing your reminder emails click our User Guide here.

Location Name & ID added to Success Report




We've added the location name and location ID to each review in the Success Report. This will help you easily understand which reviews belong to a given location when viewing multiple locations aggregated together.


New: Add-ons & Integrations Menu


New Feature


GatherUp now allows account administrators the ability to view locations or accounts that have additional email or SMS credits and integrations set up on one screen. Filter the view to specific clients, locations, labels and also export the table for use outside of GatherUp. Access this information by clicking your settings in the upper right-hand corner of your account.

Add-ons-Integrations screen.png

Learn more about this feature here.

Inbox: Added Filter by Date Range






Now you can filter tickets by date range in your Inbox to more easily organize and sort the reviews and feedback to which you need to respond. Date ranges are filtered by the date the ticket was updated.

Inbox Date Filter.png

Filtering Options Preserved





GatherUp now allows you to preserve the filter and date range options after you navigate away from the page on the following:

  • Customer Activity
  • Success Report
  • Insights Report
  • Inbox

This will allow for more efficiency when switching between Customer Activity, customer profiles, and reports without losing the filtering options.

Inbox Update: Location Name & Business ID Added





Inbox, a feature that allows users to create tickets for a more streamlined review response process, has been updated with a column for Location Name and Business ID.


This update provides multi-location, franchise and agency businesses, in particular, an even easier way to organize their Inbox. Sort and filter by Location Name or Business ID to make sure your team is providing review responses according to your standards.

Monitor and Request Reviews on Shoots.Video





You can now monitor and request reviews on is a website designed to connect people looking for video production services.

Go to Settings > Online Review Links to add profiles and select sites to monitor for new reviews and/or request reviews. View the full list of sites available to Monitor For New Reviews and to Request Reviews.