GatherUp changelog
GatherUp changelog

Agency Resources available in GatherUp


New Feature


It's easier than ever for agencies to access the information needed to grow and retain clients. GatherUp tools, templates and white-label documents now live within the agency dashboard. This feature is available to agency account owners or admins.

Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 10.43.38 AM.png

Grow your agency with the Reputation Scorecard


New Feature


We've added a new tool to help our agency partners find prospects, pitch them their reputation management services and measure their clients' online reputation.

The Reputation Scorecard is only available within an agency dashboard to account owners and administrators. You can create and share the report as a PDF or html to win new clients and grow your agency. Quickly and easily build value by showing how a prospect ranks against local competitors in review volume, average rating, recency and sentiment. GUP Rep Scorecard Overall Score.png

View our user guide here.

Link option added to "Powered by" within Agency settings




We have added an option to link your business website or any URL to the "Powered by…" within your Review Widget and Badge. Here's a short video explaining how to set this up within an agency's White Label settings.

Google Sheets Integration is Live


New Feature


We have added Google Sheets as an in-app integration with GatherUp.

This integration will allow GatherUp users to simply add customer data to the Google Sheet. GatherUp will pull the customer data out of the Google Sheet and into the application. The customer can then be automatically added to a customer email or SMS feedback request.

GUP IntegrationMenu Google Sheets.png

Access the User Guide to learn how to set up this integration.

Updated API Call for User Roles




We have added a parameter to our Update User API call that allows you to set the user's role (read-only, contributor, team, manager). API integrated customers will now have more control over their users.

This change excludes updates to Agency Manager and Administrator. These settings will only be available to be set in-app for the time being.

Automatic Social Sharing is Live


New Feature


Users of GatherUp can now create an automation within Social Sharing. Reviews will be shared to the desired social channels automatically based on set parameters. Automatic Social Sharing .png

Navigate to Publish > Social Sharing. Then click "Create Automation" and follow the prompts. View the User Guide here.

Note: Automations are created at the location level. One automation per location is allowed currently.

New Default Threshold for Conversion Pop-up




New accounts: The default threshold for showing reviews in the Conversion Pop-Up will be set to 0 for both 1st and 3rd party reviews and the threshold option is hidden. You can choose to toggle on/off 1st or 3rd party reviews, but if they are toggled ON they will show all reviews 0 stars and up.

Existing accounts with New locations: The default threshold for showing reviews in Conversion Pop-Up will be set to 0 for both 1st and 3rd party reviews.

GUP Conv PopUp defaults.png

These defaults were changed to make sure our platform and our customers are in compliance with the FTC's new guidelines of showing all reviews on your website. You can read about these updates here.

Updated Facebook Metrics within Business Report




We have updated how our Business Report export shows Facebook recommendations. The previous method was an "Average" but that doesn't line up with Facebooks recommendations Yes/No system. We've moved to reporting Facebook recommendations in two columns: ‘Positive Facebook Recommendations’ and 'Negative Facebook Recommendations.'

Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 9.25.07 AM.png

To learn more about our Business Report click here.

Custom NPS Option Added




We have added a custom option within the Net Promoter Score (NPS) question found in Ultimate and Review Request Modes.

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 8.38.36 AM.png

This gives businesses more custom options when it comes to offering the NPS question to customers.

Monitor Google Reviews Details for Hotels & Restaurants


New Feature




Google began offering additional details within hotel reviews (within a browser) and restaurants (within Google Maps). These details may include the type of stay, or order type such as delivery, dine-in or takeout. Businesses with these additional details will be able to monitor this information in GatherUp.

Hotel Restaurant Filters.png

Hotel and restaurant review details can be found within our Customer Activity screen. Details will also be available in the CSV download for Customer Activity.

Restaurant details in Customer Activity.png