GatherUp changelog
GatherUp changelog

Product Changes are Live for U.S.-based businesses or locations






We have released our review widget and request mode updates related to the FTC's latest guidelines on review management. You will find these changes in all U.S.-based locations starting September 13, 2022.

For more information visit our Review Widget User Guide. We also created a user guide for tips on creating an online review policy.

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Auto-publishing reviews now comes with a time delay threshold. Within Customer Activity you'll find a new column letting you know where a given review is in the delay process, such as Published, Not Published or Scheduled. During this transition affected accounts were set to a 2-day delay threshold to give you time to moderate the reviews. You can change this to any setting you desire.

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You can manually remove any review from displaying in the review widget by selecting Manage on the Customer Activity screen, and toggling the "Show in Widget" to OFF. This should only be done if a given review violates your online review policy.

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